Hot Tub & Spa Water Analysis

This maintenance guide will help you maintain your water parameters at the appropriate values.

Your water

To get a perfectly balanced water to fully enjoy your spa, here are our suggestions for analyzing your water:

  • In-store analysis

    Bring a sample of water taken within four hours of your visit using a sterile container and we will analyze your water at no cost. You will know exactly and accurately the conditions of your water to intervene effectively to maintain the quality of your water. If you do not have an appropriate container, pick one up in the store.

  • The strips

    Take some water sample in a container, dip the strip in your sample and remove it immediately without shaking the excess water. Then compare the results with the reference levels provided by the manufacturer. This is an effective and worry free method.

  • Tablets

    There are tablets to analyze the spa water that you will need to pour into a water sample so that they change color. Compare with values ​​shown on a scale provided with the product.

  • Liquid reagents

    These are drops of reagents to be poured into a sample of water taken. Compare the color of the water obtained with a scale of value provided by the reagent supplier.

Settings Values
Total alkalinity 100 - 120 ppm
Calcium hardness 150 - 200 ppm
pH 7,2 - 7,8
Chlorine (dichloro) or Bromine 3 - 5 ppm

Online calculator

Online water analysis for your spa is quick and easy. Just enter the results of your water test, then you’ll instantly get recommendations on the exact amount of products to use to balance your water.

Use the online calculator