Hot Tub & Spa Maintenance

Enjoy your spa year-round

Why not warm up hands and feet in the water of your hot tub in winter after a nice outing with the family? What’s more festive than bubbles and jets of water to relax at any time and savor all the joys of life?

The invigorating sensation of jets and bubbles in the hot tub, combined with soothing and warm water, will put a smile to every face!

To benefit from your hot tub all year

  • Verify your spa seals

    Worn seals are the first have source of heat loss and require have more energy to keep the water at operating temperature. Make a visual check of all joints of the tank to ensure they are in good condition. Replace if necessary.

  • Carefully inspect the spa cover

    The spa cover is an essential part of insulating your water from the cold and keeping it warm. If damage has caused tears, cracks, or holes, you may lose more heat than usual. If you need to change the cover, come see our experts for advices on replacement covers.

  • Location of your hot tub

    Keep in mind that a hot tub protected from wind and bad weather will maintain its temperature more easily. Make sure the tub perimeter is accessible at all times. In the event of a problem during the cold season, our specialists will be able to intervene efficiently and quickly.

  • Make sure the freeze protection system is activated

    Of course, in winter, cold water can freeze and freezing pipes can cause lasting damage to hot tubs, like to any other plumbing system. With their integrated freeze protection systems, spas can easily maintain a more constant water temperature, thus preventing the temperature from plummeting near the freezing point of the water!

Opening your spa

To start your spa after decommissioning, it is highly recommended have one of our specialists open your spa. Not only will they help you avoid mistakes and prevent breakage, it will be easier for you to maintain your spa in ideal conditions of use.

At the opening, our certified technicians will perform the amperage tests on pumps of your spa, check electrical power, heating elements. They will inspect the tub and piping to identify sources of potential water leaks.

Closing of your hot tub

Do not take the chance to winter your spa if you are not familiar with all the required steps. Prevent breakage by using one of our specialists to close your spa. Of course, ensure to close the hot tub before freezing.

To close a spa for the winter, several steps should be followed namely:

  • Empty the spa, pipes and pumps of the residual water
  • Make sure the plumbing insulation is adequate
  • Protect your spa with a canvas
  • Ensure the cover and the perimeter of the spa are cleared of snow at all times
  • Turn off the power from the main electrical panel.

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