Spa Chemicals

Our wide variety of chemicals will ensure you maintain the quality of your water at all times. Bring us a sample taken within 4 hours of your visit, and we will ensure properly advise you to efficiently maintain your spa and eliminate all unnecessary product combinations.

Effective maintenance at affordable prices

AquaMagic offers its own range of affordable products for all your maintenance needs, including the opening and closing of your spa.

Eco-Friendly Sanitation

Onyx offers a full range of eco-friendly chemicals for active oxygen-based spa treatment for an absolute natural comfort.

Silk Balance offers a range of environmentally friendly products specially formulated to be self-adjusting without any chemicals. Even the annoying smell of chemicals is neutralized.

Conventional Sanitation

Sani-Marc offers a variety of treatment products and solutions for hot and cold water in the industry of hot tubs, spas and pool to simplify the treatment of recreational waters and provide consumers a superior water quality.

Spaboss for a complete range of quality chemicals to disinfect your spa using the highest level of active ingredients on the market.


Atlantis offers a complete range of specialty chemicals for the pool.

Bromine Sanitation

BromiCharge offers a selection of sodium bromide products to effectively sanitize your water due to the action of bromide ions in the water without the inconvenience of chlorine.

Genesis Tru-OX

Genesis Tru-OX to control bacteria and algae in the water of your spa with sanitation bromine.

Eco-Friendly Aromatherapy

PharmaSpa offers a range of therapeutic fragrance products for spas, whirlpools, baths and footbaths made from high quality natural dry extracts. The salts of Epsom Pharmaspa are eco-responsible and not tested on animals.

Water Leaks Repair

Fix-a-Leak to repair at a low price water leaks in the plumbing of your spa.