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The Tropical Feeder was designed to use slow dissolving type Tri-Chloro-S-Trazinetriane tablets or bromine.

DO NOT MIX Tri-Chloro with calcium hypochlorite or other forms of concentrated chlorine. Never mix bromine with any form of chlorine. FIRE OR EXPLOSION MIGHT RESULT. Thoroughly wash feed with fresh water when changing chemicals. Use caution when filling feeder. Never inhale fumes.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children

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  1. To add bromine of chlorine remove bottom cap from feeder.
  2. Fill top feeder with chlorine tablets, bromine tablets or stacks. Replace bottom cap to the feeder and adjust to desired setting. Feeder settings are on the chart below. Secure with the lock ring.
  3. For super chlorination turn unit upside down to release air trapped in top.
  4. Newly filled water in spas, hot tubs, swim spas should be properly conditioned for effective chlorination. If you are in doubt, consult your local dealer for information on proper spa conditioning.
  5. Weather conditions, water temperature, and the number of bathers can affect bromine and chlorine use. You may find it necessary to set the feeder to a higher setting.


Suggested Feeder Setting Table
Spa / Hot tub


Tri-Chloro Bromine
200 *.00 .75
400 .75 2.00
600 1.25 4.00
800 1.75 5.75
1000 2.5 7.00
1200 3.5 9.00

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