GECKO CONTROLLER IN.YE-5-H5.5-AMP-V2-GD3, 0610-221066-363

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Aeware controller for spa from Gecko Alliance.

Gecko IN.YE-5-H5.5-AMP-V2-GD3: An advanced microcontroller unit engineered for robust performance and reliability in electronic systems.

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Aeware controller for spa from Gecko.


  • From Gecko Alliance
  • in.ye supports 5 configurable outputs, a 5.5kW heater and a standard 12V light.
  • Ideal for entry level to mid-range spas with pump 1 with 1 or 2 speeds, pump 2 with 1 or 2 speed, blower or ozonator.
  • Direct connection for Audio available (the output voltage can be configured on the board).
  • Works with keypads in.k200, in.k300, in.k8, in.k450, in.k600 static, in.k120 (auxiliary) and in.touch 2.
  • Part no. 0610-221066-363