GECKO +IN.K1000-V2-BK-GE1, 0607-005033

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The GECKO +IN.K1000-V2-BK-GE1 is a high-tech spa control panel featuring a full-color touchscreen display and intuitive interface for sophisticated and user-friendly spa management.

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Keypad from Gecko


  • From Gecko Alliance
  • Includes: in.k1000+ Color keypad with touch screen
  • Integrated control over Gecko Spa controls, Audio, bromine generator, light module and more.
  • Dimensions: 7-½” x 5-¼”
  • Cord length: 10′
  • Compatible with: Y and XE Series systems
  • Installation: MUST be installed on the OUTSIDE edge of the hot tub
  • Part no. 0607-005033