Hot Tub & Spa Filters

A clean and good quality filter will keep your spa water clear. Keeping your spa filter clean and free of dirt will prevent excessive pressure on the pump and on other components of your spa.

How do you know if you have to replace your filter? Count around 10 to 15 cleanings, then it will be time to replace the cartridge of your filter.

A simple maintenance schedule will save you a lot of trouble and allow you to enjoy your spa at any time.

Expert suggestion: Always have two filters on hand that you can switch between cleanings. In this way, the cleaned filter will have enough time to thoroughly dry and thus remove all remaining bacteria and contaminants.

Benefits of a clean filter

  • Improves water circulation and impurity retention capacity
  • Reduces the energy required to filter
  • Higher fiber density, increased durability
  • Improves the flow of water
  • Reduces stress on the pump and other engine components

Instructions for buying a new filter

Bring us your filter to replace

Our experts will pick the right filter to replace your used one.

To identify your filter model

You will find on the ring on the top of your filter important details to identify the right model. Unfortunately, each manufacturer indicates the information of his choice.

Of course, the make and model of your spa are good indicators. But if you can not find any information, download this form to help you take the necessary steps in measuring your filter and send it to us. It will be our pleasure to help you in finding the right filter for your spa.

Download the form

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    Filter details

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    Instructions for cleaning your filter

    A filter-cleaning brush, a garden hose and a degreasing agent will help you remove any oil, dirt and bacteria that encrust in your filter.

    Then dip your filter in a non-foaming cleaning solution designed specifically for maintenance, rinse and allow drying thoroughly before re-installing. A good idea is to consider a second filter that you can install alternately during your maintenance.

    Come and meet us to benefit from our expert advice on cleaning products to use.