Hot Tub & Spa Pumps

Your spa pump is a critical part of your spa. It often happens that different problems occur over time, which leads to inadequate circulation and filtration of water.

Has your pump been particularly noisy for some time? Obstructions and damage are sometimes the cause of such noise. And if your pump just does not function. What to do?

Bring us your pump in store

It is difficult to diagnose the true source of the problem if you are not a mechanic yourself. Bring us your pump and our specialists will fix it. If your pump is not at the end of its useful life why change it?

Should your pump given you many years of service, maybe it has to be inevitably replaced. We will offer you a choice of reconditioned pumps and new pumps that will surely meet your needs.

How to bring us your spa pump?

  1. Turn off the power supply and disconnect the power cable from your pump.

    Did you know that on your pump you will find the most useful information allowing you to replace it with the same? You will find on the label most of the information including frame size, pump voltage and horsepower.

    You will need to remove the access panel to extract your pump.

    Be sure to close the gate valves next to your pump before removing it. If none exist, you will need to empty your spa.

  2. Remove the pump and bring it to us in store

    Disconnect wires and cables and unscrew the water connections. Remove the mounting screws from the bracket. No need to remove the control box to remove the pump.

1 speed, 2 speed pump?

Determine whether your pump is 1 or 2 speed and whether its voltage is 115 V or 230 V. You must also replace the pump with a similar power rating. This information is on the pump label.

It is important to keep the same specifications of your pump if you need to change it so that its replacement is uneventful.

Pump/wet end identification form

Download the form

    Personal information

    Make and model

    Motor label

    Locate the label on the motor. It will likely show the information, below.


    Frame size

    Measure the distance between wet end mounting bolts center to center.
    48 Frame = 3-5/8″
    56 Frame = 4-1/8″

    Discharge position

    Wet ends can be rotated. Always imagine the wet end with the discharge facing upwards. Is the discharge directly in line with the suction (CENTER) or off to the side (SIDE).

    Union sizes

    Measure the diameter across the suction & discharge threads (outside edges) on the wet end.