We have in store a large inventory of jet diffusers, housing and jets themselves, no matter whether they are rotary, directional, pulsation, single or double, in chrome, gray or black, we can offer you the piece that you need.


We offer a wide selection of plumbing parts. Whether you’re looking for hoses and tubing, gaskets and rings, fittings and adapters, or just any type of valve, we can certainly serve you from our extensive in-store inventory.

Hot Tub Head Rest

Need to change your head rest? Our basic inventory will ensure that you find a confortable replacement head rest for the most popular makes and models of spas.

How to identify your headrest:

  1. By model and hot tub brand

    Have the details of your spa on hand. This information will certainly be useful in identifying your headrest.

  2. By its dimensions

    Measure the length and maximum total width at the strongest points of the head rest. To help you take the measurements, remove your head rest and place it on a flat surface.

  3. Identify the fixation of your headrest

    Choose from the following fasteners: suction cups, pins (buttons), notches or other (screwed plate for example).

Have you thought of sharing with us a photo of the front and rear of your headrest to facilitate identifying it?

With the help of this information, we will then offer you a selection of head rest to meet your needs.


We have an inventory of accessories of all kinds to facilitate the maintenance of your spa: vacuum cleaners, sponges of any kind, float to spread the right dose of chlorine or bromine.

Come and visit our store.