Spas designed for Quebec winters

Because there are important things to know about insulation, filtration, accessibility, heat recovery, types of materials, etc. Because it is preferable to choose quality rather than quantity of jets. For all of this, and more, we will properly advise about the best spas designed for you and also for our Québec winters.

Spas designed for Quebec winters

Did you know it’s good for your spa to use it all winter long? Our spas are specially designed to give you pleasure all year round. Enjoying your spa in the cold season, not only will you enjoy enchanting scenery, you ensure that the tub pipes will not freeze. All this will have the advantage of avoiding you unpleasant inconvenience, once the spring arrives.

With a cover of suitable thickness for our cold weather and optimum isolation of the shell and the skirt of your tub, you can easily make a worryfree use of your tub.

Here are some tips for using your spa in winter:

Have a cover of adequate thickness. It will keep and maintain your water heat temperature and act as a seal to help reduce heat loss.

Monitor the water level. Remember that hot water in your pipes will prevent freezing. It will be necessary to be vigilant and to make sure that the level of water is sufficient throughout the winter period.

Reduce the use of your jets. When used, the jets introduce air bubbles in your spa and consequently have the effect of lowering the level of temperature of your water. So, avoid overuse of the jets by turning them off as soon as possible after use. A good practice to keep all year long.

Enjoy your spa with a reasonable soak time. Set a maximum time for soaking to minimize extreme body temperature gap and keep it at a reasonable level.

Invest in small accessories. Have a coat peg for your dressing gown and a non-slip mat that you can easily find at the local hardware store. You will be able to place your personal belongings near the steps of your spa and avoid chills. Why not an insulated container to keep your hot chocolate at your fingertips?

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