When to restart your hot tub

So when? As soon as possible.

Of course this question implies that you did not enjoy your spa during the cold season and that it was working to the bare minimum in order to let filtration or heating run or that it was completely drained.

But the principle remains the same as for a swimming pool: you have to restart as soon as possible in the spring when the ice is melted and the sun is strong.

When to restart your hot tub

Our instructions to restart your hot tub

Why so early ?

Simply because heat is algae and microorganisms best friend. It is very easy to start your spa when the water is clear, before algae and microorganisms invade standing water. Ideally, start your spa when the ice melts. Be aware that once the engine is running, even if the outside temperature drops below freezing, there are no problems. Also just do it to lift your spirit.

Here are the main steps to follow if you choose to restart your spa yourself.

• Remove the protective cover under the spa cover: Remove the vapor barrier if you have been careful to slip one under your cover for the winter.

• Put the filter back in place: If your spa has been completely drained for the winter, consider replacing the filter so that it can be restarted as soon as your spa is filled with water.

• Clean dark circles: Take the time to wipe the dark circles around your spa to remove marks and deposits. There are special products for this. Ask your specialist.

• Filling of water: Be sure to fill your spa with fresh water over the tallest jets to avoid getting too much air into the system to open all the jets.
What should I do ?

• Activate the filtration system and the pumps, if it is not done yet. Ideally run the pumps for an hour or two with cleaner. You will then have to drain the water to remove debris and other waste accumulated in the pipes and refill again, making sure to cover the tallest jets.

• Adjust the chemistry: Before using your spa, and even if the water seems clear, take the time to measure its various parameters such as pH and alkalinity to make the necessary adjustments.

A starter treatment to disinfect your water is necessary. Clear water does not mean healthy water. Even limpid, it can contain bacteria, phosphate and blue algae. It must be disinfected properly.

Now enjoy your spa!

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