What to know before buying a hot tub

In order to make an informed choice when purchasing a spa, here are some things to consider before you buy.

Whether it is to consult the municipal regulations as well as your insurance, the number of users, the type of use you intend to make, its maintenance or even the components of the spa to choose, this blog will help you to make a more informed purchase.

What to know before buying a hot tub

• Municipal by-laws and insurance

By consulting your municipality and your insured eur, you will make a location of choice for your spa that will meet their requirements. In fact, you may have to respect a clearance distance between your spa and your home and the limit of your property. Your insurer may also charge a distance to prevent water damage in the event of a leak.

• Number of users of the hot tub

How many people do you think will normally benefit from your spa? Your entire family, or you and your lover? Do you receive guests on a regular basis? This detail will help you determine the format and the number of places you should look for. Be aware that a standard model has 5 to 6 seats. When you think format, think also space necessary for the dimension chosen because often the back yards of our residences are very narrow.

Consider the size of the main users because the depth of the seats varies from one spa to another. It would be very unfortunate if your other half could enjoy it as much as you if it is completely submerged.

• Expected use

Do you have specific body areas to massage such as the spine, lumbar muscles and legs, upper back, neck and shoulders and even those of the arch of the foot? You will find in our spa range models that offer zoned hydrotherapy that allows you to better target your well-being. The number of jets will be an element to consider.

Here again, the number of jets is not only the only factor of the best massage assured . Validate with your advisor if you prefer direct jets or multiple jets offering different types of massage. These very effective ones can certainly be equivalent to more direct streams.

• Hot Tub Maintenance

Some models offer water treatment systems to reduce your maintenance efforts to a minimum. Whether through microfiltration or self-cleaning functions unique to Hydropool spas to sanitize your water faster and maintain it in a higher quality of clarity , this element is not to be neglected.

• Hot tub components

Know that a marbled or pearly shell will make scratches less than a matte finish. Do you know but with children this can be an asset. Aside from cost, find out about the difference between plastic and acrylic shells. Although more expensive the latter can offer you considerable maintenance benefits because it is easier to wash with its less porous surface.

Are the skirt panels of the spa easily removable? Think about our winters and see how you could easily access the engine in an emergency .

Also ask about the insulation of your spa because not only must you keep your spa at the desired temperature, but the insulation will reduce your electricity bill in general. Make sure all panels are properly insulated.

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